Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Adf.ly Bot 100% Working february 2014 Earning With Adf.ly


This is the updated version of the adfly/adfocus bot

STEP 1: Install the bot |

STEP 2: Find a list of fresh working anonymous proxies (this is important) then put them in "txt" file and load them with the bot

STEP 3: Put your 5 adfly/adfocus links in a"txt" file and load them with the bot too

STEP 4: Start the bot and you are ready to make some money but be careful !!

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Adfly/Adfocus/Linkbucks Bot Pro [WORKING][PROOF] 100%
Adfly/Adfocus Bot Pro [WORKING][PROOF] 100%
Adfly/Adfocus Bot Pro [WORKING][PROOF] 100%
Adfly/Adfocus/Linkbucks Bot Pro [WORKING][PROOF] 100%
Adfly/Adfocus/Linkbucks Bot Pro [WORKING][PROOF] 100%
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I came across this method last year. The guide was so easy to follow that I started to get a hold of it very quickly. And now I am happy and proud to say that I am making $45 to $50 daily on it income adf.ly link generator
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Adfly bot Cat├ęgorie Divertissement Licence Licence YouTube standard

  • adf.ly click exchange (adfoc.us linkbucks, etc.)
  • download full free adlfy working bot
  • This bot uses proxy to access the active page, and share links with other users of the adf.ly, ie you access partner links and partners access your links doing a cycle.
  • Becarefull, don't use the bot too much, or else you'll get banned guys.
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  • PC/Windows tool to create & manage your adf.ly links.
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