Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Audit Report Reveals Massive Mismanagement in Pakistan Railway Funds


The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has detected misappropriation, irregularities, mismanagement and operational inefficiencies of over Rs. 13 billion in Pakistan Railways, which is facing serious financial crisis.

The audit report on the accounts of Pakistan Railways for Audit Year 2015-16, a copy of which is available with ProPakistani, revealed nine cases of theft of Railway material valuing Rs 139 million, four cases of embezzlement of Railway revenue amounting to Rs 24.65 million, inordinate delay as compared with standard time set by the Railway management in repair of rolling stock caused loss of Rs 39.78 million while an expenditure of Rs 3497.23 million was incurred on 75-DE locomotives project without achieving any progress.

The AGP recommended that each case of embezzlement of Railway revenue, shortage and theft of material should be investigated at an appropriate level for fixing of responsibility and taking remedial measures to avoid recurrence.

Misappropriation due to theft of material caused a loss of Rs 139 million, whereas the report further detected loss of Rs 31 million due to deficiencies in Coaching and goods stock, Rs 29 million due to suspected bogus expenditure incurred without documentary evidence and Rs 24.65 million embezzlement by the staff of Commercial department.

Irregularities of Rs 4147 million due to un-titled 4147 acre Railway land in Dera Ghazi Khan was detected by the Audit report. It further found irregular expenditure of Rs 3497 million on account of 75 DE Locos project, unauthorized reduction of approved scope of work and irregular transfer of material to other project/units caused Rs 1300 million, illegal/unjustified procurement o breakdown cranes caused Rs 1142 million, Rs 807.57 million due to less recovery of revenue share of Hazara express and Rohi express from PRACS.

The report further states that unauthorized procurement of physical assets caused Rs 60.39 million, irregular award of catering contracts by PRACS without fair competition and bidding in violation of PPRA rules 2004 caused Rs 58.94 million, irregular splitting up of similar nature works caused Rs 42.62 million, Rs 44.34 million unjustifiable payment of overtime, extra expenditure of Rs 40.40 million on procurement of ballast by road, Rs 37.96 million loss of revenue earnings due to un-authorized utilization of Railway land and income generated thereon, irregular payment of Rs 26 million due to irregular payment due to grants of extension without approval of the competent authority, Rs 14.61 million loss due  to non-replacement of rejected material, Rs 12.65 million irregular utilization of Railway land revenue and non-clearance thereof, Rs 12.63 million irregular transfer of PSDP, Rs 12.52 million loss due to undue favour to officers by monetizing the 26 vehicles of excess horse power in violation of monetization policy, Rs 11 million loss due to non-execution of fresh agreements, Rs 10.29 million irregular/unjustified expenditure on account of TA/DA, Rs 10 million irregular expenditure on account of pay and allowances.

The report also detected blockage of Rs 641.45 million capital due to non-disposal of surplus material, Rs 187.76  million due to non-disposal of scrap, Rs 185 million per annum loss due to speed restriction, Rs 41.95 million due to unnecessary procurement/ non-utilization of material resulting in blockage of capital, loss of Rs 39.78 million due to potential earnings due to unnecessary detention of wagons, Rs 37.9 million loss due to inefficiency of Railways management, Rs 30 million loss due to non-replacement of defective material, Rs 26.61 million loss due to purchase of stone ballast at higher rates, loss of Rs 25.24 million due to detention of trains and theft of overhead wires, loss of Rs 18.7 million due to non-recovery of recoverable from different entities, loss of Rs 63 million due to deduction of dip shortage by PSO from freight bills, Rs 48.9 million loss due to excessive incidents of burnings of rolling stock, Rs 32.23 million loss due to un-authorized utilization of Railways land and Rs 48.76 million loss caused due to unauthorized occupation of Railway land.

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